Henderson Announces for Re-election as Co. Treasurer

I am pleased to announce that I will seek my second term as Schleicher County Treasurer. Campaigning for this office in 2014, I promised to work hard to make certain that the county is fair to its taxpayers, residents, and employees, and to make every effort to reduce waste and maximize the county’s assets.

During my first term, I have been an active participant in budget discussions as well as commissioners’ court sessions and hearings. Under my direction, the County has upgraded our Server and IT systems, adding on site mirroring and daily cloud backups. We’ve also upgraded our phone system, and use

current technology to save over $1,000/month in telephone service charges. The County changed from a defined benefit health insurance plan, to a private exchange plan incorporating wellness measures. Going into its third year, we offer seven coverage options to employees, while being able to save the

County premium charges for coverage that some of our employees do not need.

To improve my credentials as Treasurer, I earned my Certification as a County Treasurer and as a County Investment Officer. This has allowed me to become a member of the County’s Investment Committee. Just this year, we implemented our first investment pool accounts which will help diversify the

County’s portfolio, while still protecting the County’s investments. I also serve on the County’s Safety Committee. I have earned membership to the County Investment Academy and am flagship member of Leadership 254, one of only two treasurers in the state making up the group of 24. I am proud to

represent Schleicher County in all my duties, and hope to continue to serve the best people in Texas. I will continue looking for innovative ways to save money and maintain or expand the services offered here. Thank you for your consideration.

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