Looking to Turn Your Home into a Luxury Holiday Escape? Here’s How


(BPT) - Thanksgiving is typically all about time-honored family traditions and passed-down recipes, but this year taking an unconventional route and establishing new holiday traditions can make a special occasion even more memorable.

Looking to take your Turkey Day to a next-level, more luxurious affair? With these ideas that turn up the luxe, coupled with state-of-the-art home technology from providers like LG SIGNATURE, you can turn your home into a luxurious Thanksgiving escape. Check out the Monocle brand book, full of the premium brand’s vision for new, elevated lifestyles.

Serve up an Exquisite Gourmet Feast

Thanksgiving is one of the few days entire families gather ‘round the dinner table for a day of eating and conversation — so this time, let's make it even more sumptuous with a stepped-up spread of delectable dishes. Putting a new spin on classics — such as a perfectly roasted turkey and mashed potatoes that melt in your mouth — will luxe-up tired menus while still ensuring you maintain those famous holiday flavors.

For instance, upscale the traditional turkey with a restaurant-caliber roasted duck served with truffles and foie gras, or wrap your Thanksgiving vegetables (such as Brussels sprouts and asparagus) in bacon to bring that premium restaurant feeling to your home with little effort. To ensure your ingredients stay fresher for longer, advanced refrigerators like those from LG SIGNATURE come with a “custom chill” pantry feature that stores your most delicate food items at the ideal temperature, with customizable settings for everything from meat to produce.

Fine Wines for Your Fine Foods

A well-aged glass of wine can be a showstopper. So, get the wine you've been saving for a special occasion, because this is the time to share your most prized bottle that you wouldn't share with just anyone. A safe move is to go with red wine — a Pinot Noir for more sophisticated palates or Shiraz for a tangier taste — with meat dishes.

As every wine enthusiast will confirm, the key to creating the best glass of wine is impeccable storage and preservation, which is easily attainable with the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar. Each sleek shelf of this beautifully finished cellar provides optimal conditions for preserving diverse wine types — from reds and whites to prize-winning champagnes. With its second-to-none technologies for precise temperature, humidity and vibration quality control, this wine fridge will satisfy even the most hard-to-please wine lovers.

Elevated Home Décor for the Holiday

Bring out your best table linens and tablescapes to celebrate Thanksgiving in style. One tip is to play with colors, so instead of staying safe with the classics — orange, yellow and brown — this year try soft green shades like turquoise and toned-down emerald. As for materials, in-season linens and brocade are richly decorative fabrics that are timelessly elegant.

Using your fanciest fabrics during a huge get-together could spell laundry disaster, but modern laundry technology can save the day. The special “Stain Care 24 feature” on LG SIGNATURE’s washer, for instance, effortlessly tends to 24 different kinds of stains for flawless results every time.

With the help of next-level technologies designed with your comforts in mind, you and your family can enjoy a truly luxurious holiday season.

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