BookTrib's Bites: Four Fascinating Reads


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What We Buried by Robert RotenbergWhat We Buried by Robert Rotenberg 

Inspired by the true story of the Forty Martyrs in Gubbio, Italy, during World War II, this is an extraordinary crime novel about troubled legacies, revenge, and the unbreakable bonds of family. 

For fans of Scott Turow and David Baldacci, a Toronto homicide detective is attacked at his doorstep when his investigation into possible links between the Nazi occupation of Italy and the murder of his brother decades later gets too close to the truth. 

It’s been years since Daniel Kennicott’s brother, Michael, was shot and killed the night before he was about to depart for Gubbio. The case was never solved. Daniel has put off going there—until now. As he’s about to leave, Daniel learns his two mentors have been involved in the investigation of Michael’s murder and they’re concerned about Daniel’s safety. Is Daniel risking his life—and those of others—by trying to uncover the truth? Purchase at

Right Across the Bay by Quinn AveryRight Across the Bay by Quinn Avery 

They were cousins who shared decades of secrets. And now one of them is dead. 

Britta Baxter, beloved fitness influencer and estranged wife of a surgeon, gave up city life to start anew on grandma's lakefront property. After she convinces her cousin, Maxine Thomsen, to revisit the same lake where they'd spent their summers together as kids, Maxine is shocked to learn the boy she loved as a teenager lives across the bay. Although repairing the decades-old relationship between Maxine and Noah seems possible, a dark ending has already been set in place. 

When Britta's body is discovered floating in the bay, Detective Josephine Kelly is called in to investigate. But Britta isn't the only victim on the killer's list. Here’s a thriller fraught with life-changing twists and unfathomable secrets rooted in a shadowy past. Purchase at

Somewhere Not Here by The Goblin QueenSomewhere/Not/Here by The Goblin Queen 

Join the Goblin Queen on her quest for Somewhere/not/here as she searches for the place she belongs. Visit the Road to Ruin, a strange witchy woman who reads from her book of M-Tales. Meet Shockappeal the punk faerie, hang with Halloween Jack, and fly with the Techno-Witch, but avoid buying one of her moody brooms. 

Travel to the lands of Love and Unlove - nice places to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there. Have a therapy session with the Magick Mirror. No appointment required. By the way, Truth has teeth, and it will use them... bring band-aids. The author, who loves to write and travel to mystical places, lives in a magical house in a fantasy realm with her family and the ghosts of her dogs. And enjoy the book’s full-color illustrations. Purchase at

Human Justice by Human and the LightsHuman Justice by Human and the Lights 

Human Justice is the true story of a human rights lawyer's last trial in a 15-year career spent helping humans living on the margins enforce civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. 

Corporate values, which are only about money and nothing else, played out to their logical extreme in the trial, signaling that corporatism is incompatible with a sustainable future for our species and planet. 

The harmonic divide reverberating in society is less about blue values versus red values, and more about human values versus corporate values. Human values must always trump corporate values. If we lead with our hearts and behave as if what’s good for our neighbor is good for us, it would be the greatest evolutionary leap in human history. If humanity, rejected corporate values and went with human values, then money, competition, and war would all disappear. Purchase at