Jerry Jones

January 12, 1935 - November 23, 2019


Jerry J. Jones (Chief) of Eldorado, Texas left this earth to be rejoined with his wife in heaven Bessie Jones (Thigpen) on November 23, 2019.

Jerry was born in Boxelder, Texas on January 12,1935. He graduated from high school in Headley, Texas. When he came to Eldorado, Texas he was riding an Indian motorcycle and often said he felt a little out of place since he had the only motorcycle in town and folks thought he was a troublemaker, they soon found out that was not the case. Once in Eldorado he began working for Younger Construction and then Haley Construction.

After meeting and marrying Bessie in Eldorado he found another career in surveying (doodle bugging) that filled one of their biggest joys of traveling the country. His fondest place to work was in Alaska where he also had a brother that had a home there. They made several trips to Alaska both working and visiting family.

After Jerry and Bessie began their family they decided to settle down in Eldorado. Jerry began working for the Schleicher County road dept for a short time and then began to have an interest in electronics and started working on TVs for a living which later he built one of the first satellite systems that people could use at there house and get more that one or two channels. Between the television business and the satellite business he created a lot of friends that have always been close and dear to him even after his retirement.

Jerry was very active in the community of Eldorado serving on numerous organizations but the one that he dedicated the most time was to the Eldorado Volunteer Fire department. He spent 45 plus years on the department and 36 of those was as Fire Chief. In those years he was very instrumental in growing the department from three trucks to nine of the some of the best units for a small town and some of the most dedicated firemen and firewomen around. He had three very special firemen and women that were always available when he needed anything, from help with repairs or checking on his health and that was T.J., Melissa and Tammy. They kept him going and were very special to him and Bessie.

Jerry is preceded in death by his parents, his wife Bessie, five brothers and five sisters. He is survived by one sister Theta Davis of Amarillo, two sons Joey and Marcie, Chuck and Charlia all of Eldorado, two grandsons Jody and Lori of Lockhart and Colt of Joaquin, Texas. One great granddaughter Jay Lee (Jody and Lori) and three granddaughters and five great grandchildren from the extended family.

Services will be held at the First Baptist Church of Eldorado at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday November 26th with a graveside service following.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to a local Volunteer Fire Department of your choice.